Wegman’s Special

Pick One:

(Includes appropriate roll)

Pulled Pork Barbecue

Turkey Barbecue

Beef Barbecue

Italian Meatball Sandwich*

Pick Three:

Pick Three:

Potato Salad

Macaroni Salad

Old Fashioned Baked Beans OR Baked Lima Beans

Pasta Salad

Creamy Cole Slaw

Pick One:

Pick One:

Assorted Fresh Vegetable Tray

Assorted Pickle & Olive Tray w/Red Beet Eggs

Included with the above selections:

Ring Bologna

Assorted Cubed Cheeses

Chips & Pretzels

Mustard & Pickled Relish

(Paper Products: Plate, Napkin, Fork & Spoon)


Country Fried Chicken     $5.59 lb. (approx. 3 pieces per pound…..leg/thigh/breast)

Macaroni & Cheese     $1.55 per person

Homemade Corn Pie     $1.55 per person

Baked Chicken Leg     $1.99 per leg/thigh

Stuffed Shells     $1.39 each

20 – 49 = $8.29 per person

50 or more = $8.19 per person

Delivery is available with minimum of 75 people ($0.70 extra per person).

* Add $1.00 to the per person price when selecting meatball sandwiches.